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My Response to Miriam Stoller’s post:


I also enjoyed the graphic recording session. When I got back to work, I showed my students pictures of our recordings from the cafe and debate. I also got a few of my students who are into sketching and brush lettering to think about graphic recording as a career path… or at least an addition to their design career. It was really interesting to see how everyone displayed there journey. I think your idea of having students illustrate their notes would be so cool to see how they interpret the lessons. It would be like deciphering hieroglyphics. ;)


My Response to Gary Utley’s post:


The debate (assignment 3) was one of my favourite assignments of the program so far. The communication and bond that each group grew was memorable. In the midst of all the chaos, we actually learned something… who would have guessed? It was also a great experience to have Tony Bates sit in for our debate. The added pressure was apparent but I think that made us all become passionate about the lessons that we had learned and discovered. Using Google Docs helped our group immensely, even while presenting. It really saved us during those short periods of discussion between the scrum and closing arguments.

Assignment four was also tough for me. I also have to get better and reading through text-heavy documents and simplifying them. For me, it’s really difficult to summarize that amount of content and still have it make sense to the reader.

The blog assignment is another aspect of the program that I enjoy. I think I will maintain it throughout the two years and maybe even beyond. I think the blog posts kept me sane while I juggled all the assignments and work outside of RRU during our residency. Now that the remainder of the program will be online, I feel as though the blog will become that space I turn to for expressing my thoughts and views. It’s not like my family will have an inkling about what my epistemology or preferred research methods are. :/


My Response to Lori Kemp’s post:


For someone who has not “blogged” before, your are doing a great job. I really enjoy reading your perspectives on what we have learned so far at RRU. Your posts have also helped me gain a deeper understanding about some of the topics that we discussed and experienced during our classes. Maybe this space will become a place where you can share your own lessons on learning and technology? Have you thought about writing posts on how to format an article summary/critique? Or maybe creating infographics about conducting research?

Personally, using social media has helped me get accustomed to blogging. Whether you know it or not, posting status updates, instagram posts or linkedin publications are all forms of blogging. They’re actually micro-blogging. 🙂 If you loo at your timeline, you’ll notice that it tells a story when viewed as a unit, which is kind of what your blog has become. It’s a place where you can tell your story. You can give other students, colleagues or the world insights into your perspectives. I know it’s a scary place to showcase your thoughts but I think with time, or personal growth as you mentioned, you will feel differently about sharing those perspectives. I think you have so much good advice to offer others that this would be a great platform for you to utilize.




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