About Me


Hi, my name is Mark-Anthony Karam but you can call me Mark.

I’m an instructor and program coordinator at Humber College in Toronto Ontario. For the past 10 years, I taught various graphic design and web design courses in the continuing education (CE) departments, and full time diploma programs, such as: the Graphic Design for Print & Web and Web Design & Development advanced one year certificate programs. I also teach web design in our three year Web and Interactive diploma programs. I have been a designer for the past 16 years, specializing in corporate branding, editorial design, digital publishing and web design. You can view my portfolio/blog at: mark-anthony.ca

I chose to pursue a Masters of Arts in Learning and Technology to focus on designing and developing web and mobile e-learning platforms for community colleges and University level programs. I believe this program at Royal Roads University will help me pursue my goal in establishing a hybrid-learning environment that engages students by utilizing technology in the classroom and discovering effective learning technologies that will help me become equipped as an instructor in both traditional and modern classroom environments.

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