Formatting Inline Level 3 APA Headings Using Microsoft Word for Mac 2011.

I’ve never really had trouble applying level 3 headings to my research papers in the past until now. With my final research paper submission approaching, the need for including a table contents (TOC) has made me realized how troublesome inline level 3 headings were. When I applied my level 3 heading styles, it would apply the style to the entire paragraph. Even worse, it would add the entire paragraph to my TOC. After multiple online searches, I couldn’t find any resolutions for this issue. What made things even more difficult was that I use Microsoft Word for Mac, so options like ‘style separators’ don’t exist in my version of Word. Luckily, I figured out a work-around for formatting inline level 3 APA headings using Microsoft Word for Mac; and it only takes 5 simple steps!

Formatting Inline Level 3 APA Headings

Inline APA Level 3 Headings
Step 1

Step 1: Apply your body text style to the entire paragraph.

Inline APA Level 3 Headings
Step 2

Step 2: Turn on Hidden Characters and place your cursor after your heading and hit the ‘enter/return’ key to create a new paragraph break.

Inline APA Level 3 Headings
Step 3

Step 3: Highlight only the paragraph break icon and go to the Format menu and select Font.

Inline APA Level 3 Headings
Step 4

Step 4: Check the hidden box to hide the paragraph break icon.

Inline APA Level 3 Headings
Step 5

Step 5: Highlight your level 3 heading and apply your Heading 3 style from the Styles menu. Then uncheck ‘show hidden characters’ from the control menu. Voila! You’re all done. 🙂

*Level 3 headings are lowercase, bold face, and indented with a period at the end. Your heading should begin with an uppercase character and your paragraph text will continue after the heading’s period (inline).

Cite This For Me: APA Style Citation Plugin



Don’t let APA get in the way (Berry, 2015).

Today I discovered Cite This Form Me; a Chrome plugin that quickly references websites in APA, MLA, and Chicago style formats, including formatting citations for journals, websites and books. The plugin allows you to save an entire bibliography, as well as share, download and embed in-text citations into your APA style documents with ease. The plugin can also check for plagiarized content and comes with a free downloadable Word plugin that can send your citations directly into your Word documents. This is a great tool for keeping track of your academic citations. You can also use the plugin to keep track of any useful references that you intend on logging for future works, such as thesis or research papers.

Try  to cite all your references in APA style format! #RRUMALAT

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Berry, S., July 2015 , LRNT 501, Royal Roads University. Victoria, BC.