The Four R’s of RRUMALAT: A Masters Student Guide To Survival.

Running. Reading. Writing. Resting. | GIF created by Mark-Anthony Karam 2016.

It’s been a hectic start to 2016. Although, this is what I signed up for; I have to admit I get overwhelmed at times… Ok, I get overwhelmed many times. I tend to take on more than I can handle outside of work and school, which can contribute to unwanted stress. Obtaining a healthy work/life balance is always a struggle for many people, including myself. That’s why I decided to throw in taking a Master’s. 😐 <— That was sarcasm.

With the due date of my second assignment nearing for LRNT 505—in addition to my program portfolio show to prepare for, designing and developing online courses, family obligations, yada-yada-yada—sticking to a strict schedule has become crucial for me in order to manage projects and deadlines. (Off-the-record, writing this blog post was not part of today’s strict schedule. 😉 ) Over the past month, I’ve made an effort to stick to my routine of managing deadlines and managing stress. I call it the Four R’s of RRUMALAT (RRU Masters of Art Learning and Technology). These Four R’s help me get through my day and keep my sanity: Running, Reading, Writing and Resting. In order to maintain a healthy balance between work, life and school, I set aside time to exercise, complete assigned school work and get enough sleep so that I don’t “crash” throughout the day.

Hopefully, I can keep up with my Four R’s of RRUMALAT and survive the next 15 months.

I usually wake up at 5:30am and go for a 30–45 minute run and a brief workout. After my run, I get ready for work. I begin work at 10am and teach a class for four hours but I usually arrive at work by 8:30am. With the extra time, I read a few assigned chapters for school in my office, write notes and flesh out my ideas for any upcoming paper’s or weekly tasks/discussions that my teacher has assigned. After work, I make my way home and fulfil family obligations. Before going to bed, I read some more and write again… as I get ready to repeat the process the next day.

There are many other things I manage throughout my day; in addition to the above. I haven’t even touched on personal obligations. However, setting aside some time for myself and my family are important for me in maintaining a healthy work/life/school balance. I’ve made a lot of sacrifices to go back to school but sacrificing my family and health are not sacrifices that I’m willing to make. Besides, that’s what keeps me going.

So far, I can’t complain. I love the program, I’m learning a ton, and I’m meeting some great people while building relationships in an online community along the way. Hopefully, I can keep up with my Four R’s of RRUMALAT routine and survive the next 15 months.