Humber Showcase 2017: #MLGA Presentation #WeAreFearless

Humber Showcase 2017

This year, I hosted my very first workshop at Humber Showcase 2017 to teach instructors how to use WordPress to build, manage and facilitate social collaboration between students, instructors and industry professionals. Through the power of WordPress, students are able to share their projects and experiences, reflect on course learning outcomes and build networking skills throughout their academic career.

Workshop Outcomes

During this one hour workshop, participants learned and discussed how to use WordPress to enhance ICT literacy skills and build online social communities that foster learning opportunities between programs, courses and industry professionals. The workshop included:

  • Setting up a free site
  • Choosing a theme
  • Creating Posts
  • Creating Pages
  • Creating Navigation menus
  • Writing/editing posts
  • Adding multimedia
  • Adding a poll or survey
  • Following and commenting
  • Social Sharing
  • Using the WordPress Mobile app
  • Notifications

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